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We introduce you our new partner - “Teploenergetika”

The “Teploenergetika” journal has been published since January 1954, and since 1974 the journal has been fully translated into English under the name “Thermal Engineering”. The initiator of the creation of the journal was Academician Vladimir Alekseevich Kirillin. The journal significantly improved its performance in Scopus in 2018! The citation index of the “Thermal Engineering” journal CiteScore in 2018 was 0.67 and 0.55 in 2017.

23:26 / 2019-01-21
We introduce you our new partner “Energetik”

The scientific journal "Energetik" starts from the "Herald of the Stoker", the first issue of which was published in June 1928. “The Herald of the Stoker” in May 1938 was merged with the journal “Machinist”, the new journal was named “Worker Power Engineer”. From January 1954, the journal began to appear under the current name "Energetik".

23:20 / 2019-01-21
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Direct conversion of solar energy into electrical energy

Solar installations and their application

Solar engineering materials science

Solar power plants

Economics and ecology of solar engineering

Renewable energy sources

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